To view subjects for the following year plz TYPE “First” / “Second” / “Third” / “Fourth”  in search box.

For B.B.S. Fourth year can TYPE “M. Finance” or “M. Marketing” for their major subjects.

FacultyYearCodeCourse NameMajor Subjects
B.B.S. FirstMGT 201Business English
B.B.S. FirstMGT 202Business Statistics
B.B.S. FirstMGT 203Business Economics
B.B.S. FirstMGT 211Accounting for Fin. Ana. & Plan.
B.B.S.FirstMGT 213Principles of Management
B.B.S. SecondMGT 205Business Communication
B.B.S. SecondMGT 206Macro Economics
B.B.S. SecondMGT 212Cost & Mgmt Accountancy
B.B.S. SecondMGT 214Fundamentals of Marketing
B.B.S. SecondMGT 216Found. of Human Res. Mgmt
B.B.S. ThirdMGT 204Business Law
B.B.S. ThirdMGT 215Fund. of Financial Mgmt
B.B.S.ThirdMGT 217Business Envi. & Startegic Mgmt
B.B.S. ThirdMGT 218Fund. of Taxation & Auditing
B.B.S. ThirdMGT 219Organizational Behaviour
B.B.S. FourthMGT 220Entrepreneurship & Enterprise DevM. Finance / M. Marketing
B.B.S. FourthMGT 221Business Research MethodsM. Finance / M. Marketing
B.B.S.FourthMGT 401Final ProjectM. Finance / M. Marketing
B.B.S.FourthFIN 250Fundamentals of Corporate FinanceM. Finance
B.B.S.FourthFIN 252Found. of Finan. Institutions & Mkt.M. Finance
B.B.S.FourthFIN 253Fundamental of InvestmentM. Finance
B.B.S.FourthMKT 250Fundamentals of SellingM. Marketing
B.B.S.FourthMKT 251Customer Relationship ManagementM. Marketing
B.B.S.FourthMKT 254Fundamentals of Services Mkt. M. Marketing
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