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FacultyYear - SubjectsCodeCourse NameTH/PR
B.A.1SO / 1RD / 1ANCeng 201Comp. English ITH
B.A.1SO / 1RD / 1ANCnep 301Comp. Nepali ITH
B.A.1SO / 1RD / 1ANPS 311Political TheoryTH
B.A.1SOSO 401Introduction to SociologyTH
B.A.1SOSO 401Introduction to SociologyPR
B.A.1RDRD 311Rural Development Theories and ApproachesTH
B.A.1RDRD 311Rural Development Theories and ApproachesPR
B.A.1ANAN 311Foundations in AnthropologyTH
B.A.2SO / 2RD / 2ANCeng 202Comp. English IITH
B.A.2SO / 2RD / 2ANPS 312Political ThoughtTH
B.A.2SO / 2RD / 2ANPS 313Maj. Pol. Sys-Parli. & Non ParliamentTH
B.A.2SOSO 402SociologicalTH
B.A.2SOSO 402SociologicalPR
B.A.2SOSO 403Dynamics of Nepal SocietyTH
B.A.2SOSO 403Dynamics of Nepal SocietyPR
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